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First Day of 4th Grade – Lucy

August 23, 2012




My beautiful first born angel started 4th grade Monday.  She is in Mrs. Day’s class.  Lucy loves cheer and tumbling.  Always doing back handsprings, front walkovers, round offs and more everywhere she goes.  This week she has been in an exercise mode.  She wants to be the fastest in her class when she runs the mile.  Last year she tied for first.  So she has been running laps around the yard and working out in the house – recruiting her siblings to get fit as well.  Lucy is still a little momma.  She asked if she could volunteer in the nursery at church.  She loves babies and toddlers.  She has started helping with the laundry around home…which she loves to do and is much needed.  This past summer she attended many camps:  2 overnight camps (girl scouts 3 nights with McKenna, and spring valley bible camp – 5 nights with Sophia and Kaylynn), College 4 Kids and a couple of different vacation bible schools.  After Spring Valley she came home and said she wanted to be a missionary when she grows up and wondered if I would do it with her.  Of course I will.  🙂  We also attended a Strong in the Lord Conference.  She continues to make me proud of her.  She loves people – all kinds of different people. She is one of my biggest cuddlers.  Always wanting to lay with me, me lay with her, scratch her back, and just be with me.  She is a very positive and happy girl.  Love her.