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First Day of 1st Grade – Lincoln

August 23, 2012


Monday was Lincoln’s first day of first grade.  He was so excited to go.  Lincoln is definitely the most outgoing of the boys.  Unafraid, unintimidated.  The boys were invited to spend the night and Jack and Joe’s house a few weeks ago.  Vaughn immediately said he wouldn’t.  So the plan was that the three of them would go play for a while and then I would pick Vaughn up later.  When I came to get him, Gavin wanted to leave too.  At first I was just going to make Lincoln go home also…but decided to let him stay.  He did great.  Lincoln filled his summer with Nana Camp, VBS’s, Starr’s Cave Camp with Grandma and playing with the babysitter.  He loves to work hard and enjoys cleaning when rags, mops and sprays are involved.  When he gets mad, he has a temper.  If he feels he was treated unfairly, he will stomp off to his room and pout.  He’s also been known to scream and wail.  Lincoln would like to be the President of the United States someday.  He has requested that we call him Honest Abe or Abraham Lincoln.  He said he would make laws and bowl (since Lucy told him there was a bowling alley in the White House).