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First Day of 1st Grade – Lincoln

August 23, 2012


Monday was Lincoln’s first day of first grade.  He was so excited to go.  Lincoln is definitely the most outgoing of the boys.  Unafraid, unintimidated.  The boys were invited to spend the night and Jack and Joe’s house a few weeks ago.  Vaughn immediately said he wouldn’t.  So the plan was that the three of them would go play for a while and then I would pick Vaughn up later.  When I came to get him, Gavin wanted to leave too.  At first I was just going to make Lincoln go home also…but decided to let him stay.  He did great.  Lincoln filled his summer with Nana Camp, VBS’s, Starr’s Cave Camp with Grandma and playing with the babysitter.  He loves to work hard and enjoys cleaning when rags, mops and sprays are involved.  When he gets mad, he has a temper.  If he feels he was treated unfairly, he will stomp off to his room and pout.  He’s also been known to scream and wail.  Lincoln would like to be the President of the United States someday.  He has requested that we call him Honest Abe or Abraham Lincoln.  He said he would make laws and bowl (since Lucy told him there was a bowling alley in the White House).


First Day of 2nd Grade – Grace

August 23, 2012


What to say about my most challenging child.  The girl thinks outside the box.  She marches to the beat of her own drum!  She is unique.  She is beautiful on the inside and out.  She is lovely.  She loves cheer.  She loves to be a big girl and she fits right in with kids younger than her.  She can entertain herself for hours…a character trait she has had her whole life.  She is my only child that still loves to kiss me on the lips.  She is an encourager.  She is always happy when someone is good at something or wins – even if they are better than her or competing against her.  I learn so much from her sweet spirit.  She is kind, generous and loving.  She loves Lucy and tries to be like her.  She loves her brothers and takes care of them.  She can get mad.  Really mad.  And she gives you the “stink eye” as her daddy calls it.  But you can always make her laugh. And she never stays mad long.  Oh…and she does still love Brownies and any sweet dessert for that matter.  Her summer consisted of a 2 night girl scout camp (her first sleepover camp), a week long girl scout camp, Spring Valley Day Camp, College 4 Kids and various VBS’s.  Fun times.  I have no idea where Grace is going in life.  But I do know that this girl was made to make a difference.

First Day of 4th Grade – Lucy

August 23, 2012




My beautiful first born angel started 4th grade Monday.  She is in Mrs. Day’s class.  Lucy loves cheer and tumbling.  Always doing back handsprings, front walkovers, round offs and more everywhere she goes.  This week she has been in an exercise mode.  She wants to be the fastest in her class when she runs the mile.  Last year she tied for first.  So she has been running laps around the yard and working out in the house – recruiting her siblings to get fit as well.  Lucy is still a little momma.  She asked if she could volunteer in the nursery at church.  She loves babies and toddlers.  She has started helping with the laundry around home…which she loves to do and is much needed.  This past summer she attended many camps:  2 overnight camps (girl scouts 3 nights with McKenna, and spring valley bible camp – 5 nights with Sophia and Kaylynn), College 4 Kids and a couple of different vacation bible schools.  After Spring Valley she came home and said she wanted to be a missionary when she grows up and wondered if I would do it with her.  Of course I will.  🙂  We also attended a Strong in the Lord Conference.  She continues to make me proud of her.  She loves people – all kinds of different people. She is one of my biggest cuddlers.  Always wanting to lay with me, me lay with her, scratch her back, and just be with me.  She is a very positive and happy girl.  Love her.


First Day of 1st, 2nd, and 4th Grade – 2012

August 23, 2012



July 10, 2011

Jamie walked out wearing a scrubs top. Gavin asked, “Daddy, are you a doctor?” Jamie said he was. I said, “Of course he’s a doctor, what did you think he was?” Gavin: “A Zookeeper.”


May 16, 2011

Sweet Angel.  Actually I call her my Angel of Darkness.  Drives her crazy 🙂  She is adorable.  She loves people.  All people.  She takes after her daddy.  She makes friends instantly.  She loves food.  Like her momma.  She is slow to learn her ABC’s and site words…but she’s great at math.  And she still likes to line things up.  She is very sensitive.   She’s a hard worker.  She’s a daisy girl scout but attends brownie meetings since the other daisy troops meet while she is in cheer practice.  She’s in cheer and dance and loves it.  She likes to read and doesn’t get frustrated that she can’t do it well.  Gracie dances to beat of her own drum…always thinking outside the box.  Love her.


April 5, 2011

2nd grade already.

Her teachers seem to really love her. 

She struggles with math and reading.  But excels in so many other areas.  She’s a very athletic little girl. 

I was sick Sat, Sun and Mon.  And she went to Isabel’s for a birthday slumber party Saturday.  Sunday she came into my room and just started crying because she didn’t get to spend much time with me over the weekend.  So I let her crawl into my germ infested bed and we held each other all night.  Before school Monday, I said that I just wish my tummy felt better.  So she ran to the bathroom and came back with a tums.  Cherry.  My favorite. 

She is a tender-hearted little momma. 

I told Lucy today that she was the best helper and with the biggest smile on her face she said, “Mrs. Lawhead says that I’m the best helper, too.” 

I can’t believe Lucy is 8 years old.  Such a big girl.  Halfway to her drivers license and only 10 more years until she leaves home.  I know they will go much faster than the first 8 years…so it really makes me sad.