First Day of 2nd Grade – Grace


What to say about my most challenging child.  The girl thinks outside the box.  She marches to the beat of her own drum!  She is unique.  She is beautiful on the inside and out.  She is lovely.  She loves cheer.  She loves to be a big girl and she fits right in with kids younger than her.  She can entertain herself for hours…a character trait she has had her whole life.  She is my only child that still loves to kiss me on the lips.  She is an encourager.  She is always happy when someone is good at something or wins – even if they are better than her or competing against her.  I learn so much from her sweet spirit.  She is kind, generous and loving.  She loves Lucy and tries to be like her.  She loves her brothers and takes care of them.  She can get mad.  Really mad.  And she gives you the “stink eye” as her daddy calls it.  But you can always make her laugh. And she never stays mad long.  Oh…and she does still love Brownies and any sweet dessert for that matter.  Her summer consisted of a 2 night girl scout camp (her first sleepover camp), a week long girl scout camp, Spring Valley Day Camp, College 4 Kids and various VBS’s.  Fun times.  I have no idea where Grace is going in life.  But I do know that this girl was made to make a difference.

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