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April 5, 2011

2nd grade already.

Her teachers seem to really love her. 

She struggles with math and reading.  But excels in so many other areas.  She’s a very athletic little girl. 

I was sick Sat, Sun and Mon.  And she went to Isabel’s for a birthday slumber party Saturday.  Sunday she came into my room and just started crying because she didn’t get to spend much time with me over the weekend.  So I let her crawl into my germ infested bed and we held each other all night.  Before school Monday, I said that I just wish my tummy felt better.  So she ran to the bathroom and came back with a tums.  Cherry.  My favorite. 

She is a tender-hearted little momma. 

I told Lucy today that she was the best helper and with the biggest smile on her face she said, “Mrs. Lawhead says that I’m the best helper, too.” 

I can’t believe Lucy is 8 years old.  Such a big girl.  Halfway to her drivers license and only 10 more years until she leaves home.  I know they will go much faster than the first 8 years…so it really makes me sad.



April 5, 2011

Lincoln said, “Mommy, when we go to heaven, will you carry me?”

Of course I will!