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Cute Quotes from Today.

August 25, 2010

I wish I would blog quotes every single day because there are so many cute ones every day.

Gavin:  “God, Thank you for lucy and grace cuz they are my best friends.  and Lincoln and Vaughn cuz they are my best friends.  And Daddy cuz he is my best friend.”

Lucy:  “God thank you for a really good day today.  But please don’t let the fire alarms go off all day tomorrow.”

Grace:  “I love my whole family.  When they die, I die.”  Me: Grace, don’t talk about dying.  Gavin:  Yeah!  Talk about heaven.

Vaughn:  I’m going poop very quiet so I don’t wake anyone up.


Gracie’s “Teacher Visit”

August 25, 2010

Last night we found out that Gracie’s Kindergarten Teacher would be Mrs. Schnedler.  We are so excited because Lucy had Mrs. Schnedler and LOVED her. 

Tonight Mrs. Schedler came for a home visit.  Gracie got to show off her line-making and pattern-making skills. 

I was telling Mrs. Schnedler about Grace and explaining that Grace gets embarrassed VERY easily if she’s called on in class.  Grace said, “Yeah, and cry.”  So cute. 

Gracie really liked her.  She’s ready for Kindergarten.

First Day of Second Grade

August 25, 2010

Today was the only first day of second grade Lucy will ever know.  It was definitely a memorable one!  As Jamie was walking her into school, about 15 feet before they got to the doors the fire alarm went off.  Apparently dust set off a fire alarm. 

And then it happened again today at lunch. 

When I asked her what she learned – she said she didn’t really have time to learn anything because they kept having fire drills.

She had been hoping all summer to get Mrs. Lawhead for a teacher.  At back to school night last night she found out that Mrs. Lawhead was her teacher and she was so excited.  She had several folders waiting for her on her desk – one for every subject.  She had an official textbook on her desk waiting for her.  It was so cute.  Just like I remember school. 

Why is my heart aching?

Uncle Bob

August 5, 2010

Found out tonight that Uncle Bob will have heart surgery on Monday.


August 4, 2010

Jamie forced me to go to Zumba today.  Been exhausted and not feeling well.  Glad I went.  Felt good.  I got home Lucy got me a towel to dry off all my sweat and my pajamas.   What a sweetie 🙂

Happy Golden (Star) Birthday Sebastian :)

August 3, 2010

Vaughn’s Prayer

August 2, 2010

Lincoln and Gavin and Grace and Lucy and Daddy and Grandma and Uncle Terry and (he listed everyone he knew) and Uncle Justin is sick and Mommy is beautiful.  Amen.