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Lincoln – Daddy’s Boy

May 18, 2010

Lincoln came to me with a pencil.  He wanted it behind his ear.  So I helped get it balanced there.  Then he took a notebook that he found and went outside.  He set it down on the table and made some drawings.  He went over to Jamie’s wood pile for the deck and started moving wood.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said he was making a window with a cover.  I said, “You’re making a window?”  “With a cover” he added, as he pointed to a square he made on the ground with wood and more wood piled on top of the square to cover it.



May 16, 2010

Went with five amazing friends to Sinsinawa Mound Retreat Center this weekend. 

Main goal:  Rest & Relaxation

Check.  Slept in my own bed.  Went to bed when I wanted.  Slept as late as I wanted.  No husband.  No kids.  Saturday – Woke up for breakfast.  Long walk.  Dinner.  And then had a FOUR HOUR nap before supper. 

Saturday night we had some really deep conversations about God, Jesus, the Bible.  I *love* these women.

The cute nuns just added to the environment. 🙂

I didn’t have to cook.  I didn’t have to clean.  I didn’t have to wipe booties.  I didn’t have to drive any kids anywhere.  It was ALL ABOUT ME.  And it was all about God.  In a very holy place. 

I was not quite ready to come home.  But I loved being attacked by five kids when I walked in the door.  Mostly a good night with them.  Up until Jamie told them that I would play board games with them while he baked cookies.  BOARD GAMES!  REALLY?  Why Jamie?  WHY!?!?  That was just cruel.

Field Trip

May 13, 2010

When on a field trip with the boys yesterday.  First one ever with them.  Went to the Discovery Center.  I learn so much about them when we are out of our normal element.

So we are walking into the Discovery Center and there is Topper the Turtle (mascot) giving everyone a high five.  Gavin normally RUNS from humans in animal costumes (ie Herky Hawk, Chuck E Cheese).  But Gavin instead gives him a high five.  Go Gav!

After touring the display area, Mr. Bocke has some animals to share with the kids.  One at a time he talks about the animals and then takes them down the line of kids to allow the kids to pet them.  Turtle, Tree Frog, Toad, Salamander, Snake. 

So Gavin asks lots of questions.  Good questions.  Very cute.  Lincoln asks some questions but is so soft spoken that he gets no answers.  I just want to shout…hey…Lincoln has a question…can you please answer him.  But I just watch him, heartbroken.  Vaughn loves the animals and pets every single one.  Lincoln started out petting them all, but stopped when he got to the salamander and then snake.  Gavin scoots back in fear from every animal.  Except when he gets to the snake.  Ms. VanNatta says that she’ll pet the snake if Gavin does.  She thought she was safe.  But then Gavin petted it.  Yeah!  First time I’ve EVER seen Gavin touch an animal.  He doesn’t like cats, dogs, ANYTHING.  Which is so opposite of Vaughn who I’m certain will be a vet or zookeeper or ???  Vaughn ESPECIALLY likes BIRDS. 

I love watching these boys and learning about their different personalities.


May 13, 2010

Life is happening so fast.  This weekend I’m going to slow down.  Try to regroup.  A women’s retreat, with other women, yet alone.  Praying for God to meet me there.