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January 22, 2010

Jamie on one wall.  The five kids lined up on the opposite wall.  Everyone has a nerf gun.  Let the games begin!



January 14, 2010

Lucy’s teacher told me that another teacher heard the following conversation:

Boy to Lucy:  “So & So wants to have sex with you.”

Lucy:  “What?”

Boy to Lucy:  “So & So wants to have sex with you.”

Lucy:  “What’s that?”

Thankfully the teacher stepped in and separated them.  FIRST GRADE!  UGH!


January 14, 2010

The girl cracks me up!

Tonight me & Lucy came into the bedroom after a bath.  Grace looked at me like…I can’t believe you two took a bath without me.  Then Lucy gasped as she looked at the TV.  “Lava Girl and Shark Boy!”  With all the cockiness in the world, Grace said, “Yep!  And I’m sawing it!”  (Meaning…yep and I’ve been watching it.)


January 14, 2010

**Got an email from Lincoln’s teacher yesterday morning.  Said that Lincoln has been sad for the past couple of days at preschool.  He was “bawling” so she asked what was wrong and he said his feelings were hurt.  That’s the most she could get out of him.  Breaks my heart.

**Lincoln has always had issues sleeping at night.  At one point we had to switch his crib with Vaughn’s because he was scared.  Ever since then…he’s had issues.  Sometimes he’ll come out of his room as late as midnight cuz he can’t fall asleep.  Don’t know what to do.   

**Tonight I went into his room to check on him and he had fallen asleep with his car slippers on his hands.  So cute.

Cheer Competition

January 8, 2010

Yesterday was a snow day…followed by a 2 hour delay today.

Not looking like the best weekend to be heading to Chicago.  However it’s the last of 3 cheer competitions we have to travel to.  The next two are close to home.

Here are pics from the Schaumburg Competition in November.

Lucy at November Competition - Eating Breakfast

Grace – Lucy’s #1 cheer fan.

Lucy being silly. Proud of her trophy.

Lucy and Isabel posing on the red carpet.

One of many poses.

Lucy’s 7th Birthday

January 5, 2010

Today I walked through the dining room and noticed post it notes on the plastic drawers where I stick the kids’ school papers.  The post it notes said “3”, “3”, “3”, “5”, “7 Happy Bday Lucy”.  Lucy made them and stuck them on each drawer.  She is getting to be such a big girl and she loves it. 

We had her 7th birthday party at the Pink Poodle Party Palace.  The girl got their hair, makeup and nails done.  Such a girly party.  All Lucy. 

The Birthday Girl:


McKenna, Grace, Lucy:



The Girls:

Jaden & Caitlin:

My Snow Angels

January 5, 2010