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What should we do today?

October 4, 2009

Vaughn:  Go for a walk.

Grace:  Go to the park.

Gavin:  Play Bendaroos.

Lincoln:  Go bowling.


Sick Grace

October 4, 2009

Grace started running a pretty good temp yesterday – around 103.  This morning she is milking it quite a bit:

“Lucy, can you bring me some goldfish crackers.  My legs are already asleep.”

“Mommy, can you make me pancakes with chocolate bars and waffles with chocolate and bacon.  I want something healthy.”

“Daddy, can you throw this away for me?  I can’t walk.”

Gavin’s ER Trip

October 4, 2009

Friday Jamie took Gavin to the ER.  Had to have a bead removed from his nose.

Gavin fell asleep as soon as Jamie got him to the ER.  He only woke up at the point where they were extracting the bead.

Meanwhile…all his brothers and sisters were at home crying because they wanted their brother.