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Gracie’s Quote of the Day

June 23, 2009

It’s so hard being a nice girl.


The List

June 17, 2009

Got the patio cleaned off.  The swimming pool cleaned out and up.  Organized all the girls preschool and Kindergarten papers from the past 3 years.  And mailed the camp deposit.  Not much from my list…but the patio took forever and looks good 🙂

More updates and Quotes from Grace

June 17, 2009

Lucy made it 4 nights at Nana and Papa’s without me.  It was a major breakthrough.  She called Wednesday night really missing me.  And when I saw her on Friday, she jumped into my arms and we hugged for the longest time.  That night, she slept with me on the couch.  She could not stop talking, laughing and playing jokes on me.  Then she started singing a song from VBS.  Her beautiful little girl voice singing a soft, sweet song.  It melted my heart. 

Quotes from Grace this week:

“I think Boston is hungry.  He’s looking at my food.”

Nana and Jenna heard Gracie say this is the van:  “I can’t believe it.  I miss mommy.”

There’s another funny one that I can’t remember.  I’ll post it when I do.  But seriously…I could quote the child’s entire day.  She is so stinkin’ funny.  She truly is the most joyful and humorous kid I know.  I think Gavin is going to be just like her.

Oh, and last night she handed me a piece of paper with scribbles.  She said, “It says, Dear God, thank you for food.  Thank you for food.  And please make my tummy feel better.  Dear God.  Amen.”

Family Update

June 17, 2009

My family is still sick.
I got sick last Thursday and today (WEDNESDAY!) I’m finally feeling better. I’ve had severe diarrhea.

Jamie stayed home with Lincoln on Monday because of his fever. I’m staying home with Grace today because of her fever. I’m not sure how Vaughn and Gavin are feeling. Now that they are potty-trained they just go and I usually don’t know until I here the toilet flush. But neither have pooped their pants in a day or two…so they may be finally over it.

Two nights ago Lincoln pooped his pants. How did I know? Did he tell me? No, he took his pants off to go to the bathroom and I heard Gavin start crying. He had stepped it. He was crying because it was smooshed between his toes. So I cleaned Gavin. Then the floor. Then Lincoln. Then the potty chair. Then I put them to bed – because it was time anyway. And then Gracie came screaming…Mommy, there’s poop in the family room.

THAT’S when I had my breakdown. THAT’S when I started crying. I’m on my hands and knees with paper towels and Lysol 3 in 1, wiping up poop, crying. It was all over my hands. There was a path dribbled through the family room. Seriously…how do people with carpet do it. THIS is the EXACT reason I told Jamie we needed hardwood floors when we built this room. I remember saying:  carpet is more comfortable…but our boys are not potty trained.

Last night, we had to wake Lucy up from her nap to eat supper around 7:30ish. She said she was sick to her stomach. When we told Grace to come eat she said she was sick to her tummy too. So she kept playing. Running around the house, doing flips, whatever. Paul said, “Grace, how’s your tummy?” Her face turned from smile to instant frown and she muttered out that it doesn’t feel good as she held it with her hands. But then she was off…this time to the exersaucer we have sitting in the Living Room for the garage sale. She dives in head first and starts spinning. I ask her how her tummy is. Smile off. Frown on. Hands to tummy. “Not good.” So…wouldn’t you think she was faking too? Next thing you know she jumps up from Jenny’s lap, heads to the bathroom and starts puking her guts out. Really, I should have known when she passed up food that she really was sick.

Free Day

June 17, 2009

I consider these “Free Days”. They’re my favorite type of free day. I was at work. Got a call that Gracie is sick. Jamie just stayed home from work Monday to take care of a sick Lincoln. So it’s my turn. So…I’m not sick. All the kids are going to day care except Grace. Grace is sleeping in bed. I have 4 hours to do all the things on my to do list:
Ad in paper for Saturday’s garage sale
Mail in my girl scout camp reservation deposit
Sort through paperwork that’s been in my to do pile for days (maybe weeks)
Clean and sanitize my whole house
Clean my yard and pull weeds

I won’t get it all done…but these are extra hours that I LOVE!! And it’s a BEAUTIFUL day.

Update from Jamie

June 12, 2009

From an email Jamie sent:  



Jamie catching a fish.
061109 fishing

I am certain after spending an entire week on this peaceful lake, that Jamie will be in an insane asyllum within 24 hours of being home:061109 fishing 2

Nice pose Jamie!  Do you seen his mouth and how he’s about to bust out laughing?
061109 fishing 3

And there’s “Momma-Daddy-Jon Jon”.  061109 fishing 4

Day 6

June 12, 2009

I’m sick. 

Went to work.  Came home and slept 2 hours before picking the boys up from the sitters.  Came home and put everyone down for a nap.  Went back to sleep.  Boys got up about 3:30.  Kimmee picked them up at 5.  I slept 4 more hours.  Kim brought home Linc, Gav, and a puking Vaughn.  I was so sick that Kim took Lincoln and Gavin back home and is bringing them back this morning.  Us two sickies went to bed in my room.  Vaughn threw up once at Kim’s and then three more times here.  Once while laying on his back in my bed…so he needed a bath and several the sheets, blankets, pillows and pillowcases needed washed (still working on that). 

I’m still not feeling great.  Vaughn just got up and I asked him how he’s feeling:  “Not vewy good.”

Here’s a pic of the boys in their new outfit that Grandma J. bought them Wednesday while we were shopping (they already had the hats):
061109 thomas train boys

They all insisted on having a red shirt even thought there was Blue and Green available.  I think they look adorable.

Day 7:  Headed to Nana and Papa’s house.