Camping with the Brookharts

Memorial Day weekend we went camping with Jamie’s family.  The lodge we went to was so nice…a big family room, galley kitchen and two rooms each with 8 bunkbeds for a total for 32 beds.  Boys on one side, girls on the other.  I found it hard to sleep though because it was a cabin and I have a huge fear of spiders. 

Saturday we took the kids to the West Burlington pool.  As soon as we got dressed we ran to the pool and the whistle blew alerting people that there will be a 15 minute break.  Finally we were allowed to get in and clouds started rolling in.  Within an hour, the whistle blew again and an announcement was made that everyone had to go into the bath house for a half hour.  So we left.  It was long enough for the kids though…so it was a nice break.

Sunday we took the kids to Geode beach.  All I can say is nasty.  Gavin sat down to take off his sandals and sat right in goose poo.  We allowed the kids to get their feet wet in the water – but it was so gross that we didn’t want them going any farther.  Although by the time we left they were wet about up to their chests.  I completely stressed watching them in that water.  And I finally SNAPPED when I saw Gavin and Lincoln put a handful of sand in their mouths.  I can’t believe they didn’t get sick.

The adults played games at night while the kids went to bed or watched movies.  SkipBo…my new favorite game!  And an old time favorite – Whoonu. 

Jamie’s folks made great meals like lasagna, taco salad, biscuits and gravy and new potatoes with bacon and green beans.  Yum!   

And of course what is camping without a little rain.  Monday it poured.  Nothing like packing up the van in torrential rain.

The kids were able to run freely inside and out.  They loved it.  A great weekend.

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2 Comments on “Camping with the Brookharts”

  1. Dad and Mom B. Says:

    It was a fun weekend. Kids got to play games and grand kids got to play together. Thanks Karen for setting up the lodge. Maybe we have started something- I wonder?


  2. brookharts Says:

    Hopefully a tradition! It really was great!!

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