Lucy holding a bunny at the Petsmart Booth at Girl Scout’s “Girls Go Global” at the Marriott in Coralville on May 9th.

Lucy fell asleep with a laundry basket on top of her.

Gracie showing off for me.  She ended up with pencils in her nose and ears.

Lincoln on our camping trip with the Emmerts, Nobles, Andy Christy, Hopkins.

Leah keeping her little sweetie warm.DSC03507

Our tent was plenty big for all of us.  The kids kept warm in their sleeping bags.  I FROZE until Andy C. loaned me his extra sleeping bag. 

On Monday, May 18 we replaced old flags in Greenwood Cemetary.  I knew the kids would really enjoy it.  This is Lincoln putting a flag in the holder.DSC03521

Lincoln, Grace, Lucy, Vaughn, Gavin waving flags at Greenwood.DSC03528

Lucy planting flowers at Saulsbury Recreation during our last Girl Scout Meeting.  Afterwards we went to Pizza Ranch to celebrate.DSC03535

Gracie in a canoe during her swim lessons at the Y.0507091717.

Lucy at the 500 club banquet for selling 500 boxes of girl scout cookies.  Aunt Jenny and I took her while Nana watched the other 4 kids.  Lucy LOVED the wrist corsage that Aunt Jenny bought her – it had a carnation and a rose.  Her favorite flower is a rose.  She also got a little trophy for selling 500 boxes.  The dinner was at the Comfort Suites in Burlington and they had a chicken strips and potato bar.  Perfect food for little girls.0430091800

While I was at a girl scout meeting in Burlington, Jenny watched the boys.  Little did I know that she had called her friend Brandi for a photo shoot.  The rain ruined their plans for pictures in the park…but I think these turned out even better!  They rolled up their jeans, gave the boys an umbrella and ended up with GREAT pictures.  You can see more pictures of the boys on Brandi’s website:  She takes really amazing pictures.

Gracie doing her thing at her last preschool performance ever at Discovery Days. Next year she’ll go to a new Preschool where she will go all day 4 days a week.  I’m sad to leave DD even though I’ve heard great things about her new school.  I love her teachers at DD and will miss them.

Daddy and Gavin roastin marshmellows on our camping trip on May 16th.

Lucy loves her smores.

The boys loved the hand dryer in the bathroom at the campground.  They were cold and wanted to warm up.

Lucy roasting marshmellows.

Cooking supper together Saturday night.  Shish ka bobs and fruit salad.


Donna borrowed my camera to take some pics of Brody and Erin on homecoming.  She left her pics on my camera so of course I’m posting a couple.  What a cute couple and cute mama!DSC03388

Obviously having a lot of fun.

Lucy singing in “big church” on mother’s day.

Lucy’s field trip to Fuller Park and the Environmental Learning Center.  There is Lucy’s teacher in the blue sweatshirt…Mrs. Schnedler.


Lucy and Lupita enjoy their picnic lunch at Fuller park.

 The feet of Lucy and two friends at Fuller Park.DSC03423

Gracie’s field trip to PlaMor lanes.  She had a blast bowling.

Lucy and Emma chat while Emily bowls.

Picture day!  Love Gracie’s costumes for dance class.

Gracie cooks her own hot dog while camping on May 16.

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