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May 19, 2009

Pictures coming. Slow computer. Need to optimize pics and it takes forever.

Took the family camping over the weekend. First time boys have ever been camping. We went with our small group and were on a loop with no other families. The kids were able to run and play with the other 12 kids there and they loved it. It was surprisingly a very relaxing couple of days. Jamie and I got to reconnect with some friends…it was great.

Cute: Lincoln and Gavin kept holding hands and playing ring around the rosie with each other. Then they’d burst out laughing and chase each other. Then play ring around the rosie, then chase each other, and on and on.
When we were getting ready to leave, Gracie collapses her shoulders and in despair says, “We didn’t get to go camping this weekend.” Jamie and I looked at each other and laughed. I said, “What did we do then.” Grace – smiling: “Camping.” She was trying to say that we didn’t get to go geocaching.

Yesterday we took the kids to the cemetary to replace American Flags on military graves. The kids asked a lot of questions and had so much fun with that project.

Today I took my girl scout troop to Saulsbury to plant flowers. The girls loved it. We needed lots of water breaks because it was “hard work”. Then we went to Pizza Ranch to celebrate our last meeting for the school year.

Tonight Lincoln finally went pee pee in the potty chair for me for the first time. He’s gone a couple times for my mom. He was very excited. Hoping it continues.

Mom came up and cleaned my garage and fridge. Trying to get ready for a garage sale. It was Gavin’s turn, so he went to spend the night with her. We’ll see them tomorrow 🙂

Tonight Lucy made a map and planned a carnival. Hmmm…wonder where she gets her event planning skills from. So she had a picture gallery, hot potato game, plate game, basketball game, and the grand finale was a tricycle parade through the family room. She gave us money and had homemade coin boxes to take the coins.

Gracie has been drawing me lots of pictures lately. They are great. I love her people. And Lucy continues to bring home pictures from school of “Mommy and Lucy”. Melts me.

Off to bed. Lots of pics to share soon.