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Mommy Touching A Twirly Whirly

April 27, 2009



From Grace.  How can that NOT make you smile!


How Old Are You Now?

April 21, 2009

We started something with our kids that I learned as a day camp counselor many many years ago.  After singing happy birthday, you chant “Are ya one, are ya two, are ya three, etc etc”.  When you get to the age that person is they hold out their hand and yell “STOP”.  The boys love it.  “My turn, my turn”.  So all week we’ve been chanting that to them.  It’s the little things.

Monkey Cake

April 21, 2009


Is this not the cutest monkey cake you’ve ever seen?  Thanks to Mom and Martha Stewart 🙂


Boys Birthday Party

April 21, 2009

We had the boys birthday party on Saturday.  It was planned for the park…but rain brought us indoors.  Which meant a very busy Saturday morning since I wasn’t planning on decorating or having to entertain children indoors. 

We did a monkey theme and mom made each boy their own cake.  The cakes were adorable.  We played Monkey See, Monkey Do, played with the parachute, and had an easter egg hunt.  After that it was a free for all.  The easter egg hunt was a huge hit with over 600 easter eggs!  We put little monkeys in some of the eggs and whoever got a monkey got a special prize.

Thanks to all the folks who helped us pull it off.  The Garwoods were over bright and early entertaining our kids so we could get things ready…then they helped us set up decorate and tear down.  Mom made all of the cakes and helped get everything ready.  Mom & Dad B. were there to help too…and Dad always offers his wacky, fun sense of humor.  The Ellmers, Lowes and McCabes helped us unwind afterwards at Texas Roadhouse 🙂  (among other things 🙂 )And Kimmee helped us by offering use of Jonah – her son’s whale of a truck that got all the big presents home! 

On top of all our loyal friends and family that always show up…we had lots of extra little people and their families to help celebrate.

My feet hurt so bad that it took almost two full days before I was walking normal.  But we had a great time.

I Don’t Want to Be 3!

April 19, 2009

Today we took the boys binkis away. It’s hard to even type it without welling up a little. I know…such a little thing. But signifies an end. As I held Vaughn a couple weeks ago, it hit me how big he was. His feet were bumping my knees. I can’t fit him in my arms like a baby anymore.  When did THAT happen?!

I thought Gavin would cry the hardest without his binki. I only let them have their binkis in bed.  Gavin always sneaks under the bed or behind the black chair with his.  But he didn’t cry at all. Neither did Lincoln. It was Vaughn. He cried and cried and cried. I laid down on the floor next to his bed and rubbed his head. I told him he’s a big boy now. He’s 3 and doesn’t need it. He just cried and said,
“I don’t want to be 3! I don’t want to be a big boy!”

Me either Vaughn. I don’t want you to be a big boy either!

April 15, 2009

April 15, 2009