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Date Night

March 27, 2009

Kimmee took the boys tonight and they’re spending the night with her!

Jamie and I took Lucy and Grace for dinner and a movie.  We went to Hawkeye Pizza and Steakhouse for dinner and then went across the street to the New Strand Theatre to watch Monsters vs. Aliens – in 3D.  It was a fun night!



A Rooster

March 27, 2009

Vaughn Quirks

March 26, 2009

I love how Vaughn calls his diaper an Iper.  And how he says “push the butt” instead of “push the button”.

Boys Update

March 24, 2009

Well, I’m getting tired so the boys update will be quick.

Lincoln – My little loverboy.  Loves to cuddle.  Loves to be held.  Mostly softspoken.  But does have fits of rage.  If he is trying to tell you something and you’re not listening or if he is angry about being told no or scolded – he gets PO’d.  Seriously furious.  More angry than ANY other child.  We think Lincoln is afraid of the dark.  We have a nightlight and leave the boys door open – but many times (like tonight at 10:07), Lincoln gets out of bed and has an excuse to do so.  Like tonight – I heard a horn honking outside.  Lincoln comes out in the Family Room with his hands up saying something about the horn honking.  Even though he’s already gotten one spankin’ tonight for getting out of bed.  He plays really well with Gavin.  They push each other around in the baby stroller a lot.  During time out tonight, they kept kissing.  He loves doing puzzles and playing with the play kitchen.  Oh and he loves to do this thing where he tries to kiss my cheek – but then I turn quick so he kisses my lips.  He thinks it’s so funny.  He likes to sing.  ABC’s is one of his favorites.  But he sings many kid songs.

Gavin…well – I think he’ll be our comedian.  He’s funny.  And he has a great laugh.  He has an amazing smile.  And he has the puppy dog eyes.  He usually looks sad – except when he’s smiling big and then he’s eyes are huge and you melt in them.  He’s not much for kisses or being held.  Gavin loves tv and will sit for hours in front of it.  He also loves to read books and can be found often just sitting looking at one by himself.  Gavin tends express himself most by crying. 

Vaughn – is Vaughn.  He is the one who takes control – gets cups for milk, helps himself to food, helps his brothers.  He talks plain as day.  He gives kisses like a fish – with his cheeks sucked in.  He loves dogs and babies.  He’s very sensitive.  He notices if people are sad and wants to make them feel better.  He loves broccoli and will ask for it as a snack.  He’s the best eater.  He will usually eat most of his food and is willing to try new things.  Vaughn likes to “watch movies” – but will only sit down to watch one for about 10 minutes.  Every time Vaughn is awake when I leave for work he says “I go which you mommy.”  When Vaugh sees the other two boys playing with a toy or playing together and having fun – he wants to join in but is like a bull in a china closet.  The other two get made the way he barges in.  He’s not trying to bully in a mean way – he just wants to have fun too.  If you tell Vaughn to share – he usually will.  I’ll say something like, “Vaughn – share your  candy.”  And he’ll say, “NO.  Here ya go Gavin.” 

All three love to take baths, play with cars, paint, play superhero with their capes, and love music.  They love to get dirty.  It’s really interesting to see the different personalities that God has given them.  I think that as far as a favorite food – all three love fruit – bananas, apples, grapes, and strawberries.  Oh, and yogurt.

They are all at such a super cute age.  I am lucky to have three very well behaved boys.  The hardest part about them is that they are only 2 (almost 3) and can’t do anything for themselves…so all day long I’m saying no, no, no or trying to keep up with the demads for a drink, a snack, a bath, a diaper change, a hug, a book, etc.  And it is seriously non-stop all day.  Right now I love the age they are at but I feel like I don’t get a chance to enjoy it much.  I’m usually too exhausted.  I wish they were able to help themselves a little  more so I could just sit and enjoy their cuteness.

Grace Update

March 24, 2009

I laugh just thinking about giving an update on Grace.  It’s so opposite everything I wrote about Lucy.

Grace is mostly a Daddy’s Girl.   

Grace is a sweet, yet stubborn little girl.  I get “the look” from her often – anytime she’s not happy with me or she gets scolded.  She definitely wears her heart on her sleeve and I can tell when I’ve bruised her spirit.  But…the great thing about Grace is that all I have to do is spread my arms and all her anger melts away.  She comes running and throws herself to me. 

Grace is the most imaginative child ever.  She loves to play by herself and I love to watch her.  It’s so entertaining.  She will line up 30 of her dolls on the sofa or window sill.  Each one talks and has a name.  And she comes up with some pretty creative names.  To listen to her play is like watching a sitcom.  You’d think she’d wrote a script that she’s reading from. 

She loves sweets.  Her favorite is brownies, of course.  Every day she asks to eat or make brownies.  And it usually goes like this:  “Mommy, I have a secret.   Shhhhh!”  “What’s your secret?”  “Let’s make Brownies!”  And each time she gives me this big-eyed look like it’s the most ingenious idea she’s ever had.

Gracie’s teachers say that she has a special friend.  His name is Landon.  They can’t tell if Gracie has a crush.  They say she “protects” him.  Sort of motherly.  And they love Gracie.  She’s a good girl, very sweet.  She always sits in the teachers’ laps…especially Mrs. Nelson.  But Gracie apparently does not like to clean up.  They have to hold the class back from cleaning up all the toys.  They always have to save some for Grace because Grace hides during pick-up time.  Hmmm…sounds familiar at home too.

Grace loves dolls, swimming, dirt, cheerleading, singing, dancing, music.  She loves doing everything her big sister does.  Grace has a beautiful smile. 

When getting scolded, Gracie does this thing that both infuriates you and makes you want to laugh.  She makes these loud gasps while her mouth and eyes get huge.  She throws her hands in the air.  Ugh – so hard to explain but the funniest dang thing you’ve ever seen. 

Although Grace is not a people pleaser, she really does seek approval from her mommy and daddy.  She doesn’t want to disappoint us.  If she gets in trouble, she always asks if we’re mad at her.  (Compared to Lucy who may wonder or just assume we are, but never asks.)  She really has a heart of gold.

And Gracie is a 4 year old.  She plays like a 4 year old.  She acts like a 4 year old.  She just lives in the moment and has fun.

Lucy Update

March 24, 2009

Lucy is reading.  She brings home books, I read them once and then she reads them twice.  Then she goes to school and takes tests on comprehension. 

Lucy is quiet and shy…yet I see her trying to be more outgoing.  She loves the older girls she cheers with.  She’s always hugging them and sitting with them.  I see her imitating some of the more outgoing people in her life – like McKenna and Isabel. 

Lucy is a momma’s girl.  100%.  I think she’d be happy being with me all day every day.  She doesn’t like to be alone.  She likes being the oldest and acts like she’s the mom.  She’s a tattle tail…always telling on her brothers and sisters when they do anything wrong.  She loves to cook.   Her favorite thing to cook and eat is noodles.  She rarely watches TV.  She loves the computer.  She loves being a princess…dressing in fancy dresses, putting on glitter, painting her nails.  She loves art – she wants to be an artist when she grows up.  She doesn’t want to get married and she doesn’t want kids.  She wants to live with Mommy forever.  Her favorite place to eat is “Jenny’s Work”.  Jenny works at Great River Medical.  We got to eat there last week when we went to visit Grandma in the hospital.  Lucy loves school.  She loves her teacher Mrs. Schnedler and she loves her principal Mrs. McConnaha.  She also loves Mrs. Fessler, Mr. Close and Mrs. BK.  Her best friend is her cousin McKenna.  Lucy loves to play in the dirt and likes worms.  She caught one last week and named her sparkles…the same name she gave her fish.  Lucy’s a great cheerleader and very flexible.  She can do a cartwheel, roundoff and back walkover.  She’s working on  her back flip at tumbling class and is getting very close.  Lucy likes swimming and can’t wait to start swim lessons.  And Lucy is a girl scout which she really likes. 

Lucy’s teachers all really love her.  They tell me she’s a little mommy.  She’s sweet and tenderhearted.  And a joy to have in class.  They say she befriends the new kids and kind to everyone.  I can definitely see that in her.


March 24, 2009

Grandpa Mark came a couple of weeks ago. It just so happened to be during the busiest week imaginable with girl scout cookie booths, cheerleading tryouts 4 nights, PTO, girl scout meetings, and so much more. But the kids love having him around. Lucy is especially drawn to him. They love playing with him, having him read to them, but mostly jumping on him.