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January 29, 2009

Mom took Lincoln home for a couple of nights this week. The boys are always asking to go to Grandma’s and always sad when it’s not their turn. I love that they have the opportunity to do this now. They’ll all be in preschool next year and won’t be able to do it as much!


Adorable Grace

January 29, 2009

Grace had cheer Tuesday night. She did cartwheels all the way down the mat and was quite proud of herself. I could see it in her smile when she looked up at me. I smiled big and gave her a thumbs up sign. She started giving me signs – pointing here and there and doing hand gestures. I kept telling her I couldn’t hear her. So she came over below the balcony where I was standing and she put her hand over her mouth so no one else could hear her and started talking to me. i told her again that I couldn’t hear her so she removed her hands and yelled up, “Can we make brownies tonight?” She had big eyes and a big smile and looked so adorable.

Idea for a New Girl Scout Cookie

January 22, 2009

Lucy and I have been busy selling cookies.  She LOVES it.  Although she’s shy – so I don’t get why she loves it so much.  On Tuesday, she pulled out her cookie order form before school.  She went through each cookie and told me what it was.  At first she only knew a couple of them.  But then she went through them over and over until she knew them.  And then she played teacher and taught them to Grace.  She’d say the name of the cookie and then make Grace repeat it.  Surprisingly Grace played along the whole time.  Grace had us in tears when she called the Peanut Butter Patties “Krabby Patties”.  A true sign that we watch “Sponge Bob Square Pants” way too often in this house.  Wouldn’t those sell good though!

The Note

January 21, 2009

Lucy handed me the following note today:

“Mommy clen the bafroom”

January 18, 2009

Today we met Jenny and Paul at the mall.  Ate lunch and took the boys to playland.  On the way to playland, we stopped in a store that was going out of business.  Then I heard, “Mommy, look.”  When I looked over, there was Lucy, pretending to be a Manequin.  It was pretty stinkin’ funny.  She has her hand above her eye, like she’s looking into the distance, blocking the sun from her eyes.

Also, a weird thing in the picture.  That is grace, hiding behind the purple balloon.  Now step about 5-8 feet back from your computer and look to the top left of the balloon.  You will see a face.  This is not a joke!  I’m completely seriuos.  Jamie didn’t see it when he was sitting in front of the computer.  I saw it while sitting on the couch.


Snowy Days

January 18, 2009

Saturday Jamie took the girls down to help at Loaves and Fishes – a free community lunch.  Gracie got to plate up the cookies and bread, Lucy got to serve the plates to people.  They loved it. 

When they came home, we bundled up all the kids and Jamie took them to the church to play on the snow mountains there.  Lucy had a blast.  The others would play for a minute then get in the van.  Lucy dug a tunnel in the snow and thought that was cool. 


(yes, all the boys are wearing pink boots 🙂 )

They came home and the boys took naps.  Then we all went to church where Jamie and I helped in the 2&3 year old nursery. 

After that it was home for a pizza night.  We spread a sheet on the floor, I pulled out the kids’ round pillows and we watched tv and ate pizza.  A big hit.

Date Night

January 18, 2009

Steve and Donna took all the kids Friday night.  Although still in some pain from the kidney stone…Jamie and I went to the movies:  “Paul Blart:  Mall Cop”.  It was a nice night. 

The kids had a great time and didn’t want to come home.  Big surprise.  We’ve all been cooped up and stressed out in our messy house.  But S&D took the kids to McDonalds,  played with them, gave them baths, and the girls were even pampered by Donna’s salon and spa 🙂 

It was a good night.