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Good News, Bad News, More Bad News

August 29, 2008

Good News:  Went to the Doctor today and my A1C (3 month blood sugar test) is supposed to be below 7% (was over 12% 5 months ago which is almost as high as it gets).  Today it was 6.2%.  Yay!

Bad News:  Went to the doctor because of sharp stomach pains.  I have lots of little gall stones.  Because of diabetes, they are going to remove my gall bladder.  I guess gall bladder problems can be very bad when you have diabetes.  Surgery next Friday.

More Bad News:  Dropped off my prescription at HyVee Drugstore.  Stopped, unbuckled my seat belt, pried my broken window down, stuck the prescription in the window box.  Drove home got stopped for no seat belt.  Got an $83 seatbelt ticket 😦



August 28, 2008

WOW!  It was an amazingly beautiful night tonight.

Jamie puts the last piece in the dining room floor.

Steve says to tell Paul, “Another Star for Me.”

And now all the flooring is in.  Still have to put up trim, including crown moulding around the cabinets and the back panel on the island…but close.  So close.

Hiking at Lake Crabtree

August 25, 2008

This trail was very “enchanting”.  One of those places I want to love, but know that spiders are everywhere so I was having a very hard time.  It truly was beautiful though.  We got rained on.  It was so perfect.

And Lincoln – very excited and proud to be sitting so high by himself.

Rock Stars

August 25, 2008


August 25, 2008

This is Lucy, Grace and Vaughn dancing at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC.  There were 9 squares and each square made a different instrumental sound when you walked, danced or moved on it.  So everyone just danced from square to square to square.

Creek Stompin’

August 25, 2008

Again, while geocaching in Durant Park.

Work Weekend

August 25, 2008

Been busy, busy trying to get things done around the house.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we declared as a work weekend.   Susan came over and helped me mow and weed eat the yard on Friday.  Saturday she washed windows and helped clean and do other things.  Jenny came and helped with the kids.  Donna came and helped with windows and other cleaning.  I basically cleaned and bossed people around. 

The girls had to walk in the Wilton Founders Day Parade at 2 on Saturday.  We left about 12:30 to get them there by 1.  That shot a lot of the day.

Sunday mom came up and we planted about 60 plants, cleaned the patio, cleaned up the yard and just got the outside looking pretty good!  The kids are loving being outside more.  I would have never got the yard cleaned up because of all the spiders.  Nasty!!

Tonight I got the living room carpets cleaned.  Tomorrow I’m aiming for the boys’ & girls’ rooms.  Then ours. 

Jamie has been busy with countertops, the patio door and is now installing a kitchen sink (at 11 pm). 

Paul and Steve helped over the weekend too.  Paul helped Jamie with countertops.  Steve got my pantry shelves installed, refrigerator leveled, dead bolts and door knobs put on and a ton more that I can’t even think of. 

It has definitely been a productive week. 

Only a few more MAJOR projects to do before the house is appraised:  trim and doors in the kitchen and dining room, carpet on the basement stairs, install flooring in the dining room, electrical and lighting in the kitchen, fireplace hearth, and ceiling fan in family room.  OK, well, maybe more than a few.  Plus there are minor things that need to be done like crown molding on the kitchen cabinets, shelves in the family room closet, and well…probably too many to mention. 

In two weekends Jamie builds a deck.  So after THAT – hopefully all the major stuff is done and he can just work one day a week and get minor things done.  He’s tired.  Tired of working on the house.