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Taco Vaughn

July 29, 2008


Havin’ Fun

July 28, 2008

The kids REALLY do love their new family room.  I have lots of pics of all the kids…but too tired tonight.

Grace Friday night:


Tonight I started working on reorganizing the Living Room.  The boys were loving it.  they sat on the carpet and played with puzzles, cars, balls and all their toys.  In the Family Room they usually just watch TV, run or chase each other and play with balls.  Hardly ever any toys.

Vaughn got a hair cut last night.  Ya can’t really tell though.  Those are the haircuts we like around here.

Vaughn and his Man Animals

July 28, 2008

Steve, I hope you like “Man Animals” better than “Stuffed Animals”.  How cute are his sleepy eyes. 🙂 

An Open Book

July 28, 2008
Lucy's proud of her choice of outfits.

Lucy's proud of her choice of outfits.

Girls Night Out

July 28, 2008

Last Wednesday Kim and Donna picked me up in Jonah for girls night out.  Had a great time at Applebees.  Got a call from Jamie while there and had to complete our night with a trip to Wal-Mart.  But that’s where Jamie and I go for our date nights – so why should it be different with the girls 🙂

RCA 4th of July Parade

July 28, 2008

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My Flyer

July 26, 2008

Oh I was so proud today!  One of the girls on the bigger teams got hurt 😦  But because of that, Lucy got to be a flyer in the parade today.  Every block or two they would stop and 6 different groups would do stunts.  Lucy was the one that they lifted, turned in a 360 degree circle and the threw in the air and caught.  She was not one that spun or did a basket toss – thankfully.  But I couldn’t believe how proud I was of her.  She had a big smile the whole time – and looked so cute. 

Gracie got to walk in the parade too with the other Mini’s.  Unfortunately it’s just too much for those little girls.  All the girls were straggling behind.  Every time after the stunts, the truck would take off and the girls had to run to catch up.  It was very hard for the itty bitty girls.  But it was funny because at one point I was carrying Grace, and then she wanted to walk again.  So when I let her down, she started running and everyone was clapping and cheering for her.