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Camp Abe Lincoln

June 30, 2008

Lucy went to Camp Abe Lincoln today.  I was nervous because she had to ride the bus.  Jamie said she got really quiet right before he dropped her off.

When she got home, she was smiling and had a great time.  She got to ride horses, go “canoe-boating” (canoeing), and go swimming.   She played games and sang camp songs.  She had a cheeseburger for lunch.  When I asked her what her favorite part was – “All of it!!”


Pea – Peanes

June 30, 2008

While in St. Louis Vaughn pointed out every single airplane he saw…and there were a lot of them since we stayed next to the airport.  Vaughn would shout “Pea Peane!  Pea Peane!”  Then he would turn and look at me until I acknowledged him.  He would just keep shouting it until he couldn’t see the airplane any longer.  The he would shout “Where Pea Peane go?”  “Bye bye Pea Peane!  Bye bye Pea Peane!”

Weekend in St. Louis

June 30, 2008

We just spent three wonderful days in St. Louis with Nana and Papa Brookhart.  There are many pictures to post, however, it really takes a long time to get them blog-ready.  So a few quick highlights until next time:

Drove to Nana and Papa’s on Thursday night. 

Left for St. Louis Friday morning.

As soon as we left the driveway Lucy started asking how much longer. 

Stayed at the St. Louis Airport Marriott Hotel and it was fabulous – especially for the price!  $75 a night and we had an indoor/outdoor pool (one that you swim under a wall to get inside or outside), a hottub, and a beautiful outdoor pool.  We even had connecting rooms…which you may think is not a big deal, but I called for three hours trying to get a hotel with that feature combined with an indoor pool.

Went to the Magic House.  All the kids had a blast.  There were many very cool things to do…but I think the kids like the parking lot beach best.  It was a sandy beach with hidden shells and coins.  There were beach chairs and umbrellas, a boardwalk and lots of sand and water.

Went back to the hotel and spent a couple of hours swimming.  Everyone but Lincoln had a blast swimming.  He was cold and tried a second time to get in but just couldn’t do it.  He was sad not to swim, but happy just sitting in Nana’s lap cuddled up in a beach towel.  It was a beautiful night so we spent most of our time in the outdoor pool.  I told Jamie I could see us coming back again and again to this hotel.  One we could definitely make memories at.

Saturday we went to the zoo.  Again…everyone had a great time and was well behaved.  Grace’s favorite was the giraffe.  Lucy’s favorite was the zebra.  Gavin and Lincoln thought it was nice, but they weren’t super excited.  Vaughn loved every single animal and would run from one exhibit to the next and just chatter up a storm.  He loved the zoo.

I on the other hand was not very excited about the zoo once my fairly new, nice, expensive camera was drenched and ruined by a sea lion.  I’ve recently discovered that it’s not entirely ruined…just the LCD screen.  Still not happy.

After the zoo we met up with Jim and Ethel.  These are Jamie’s folks’ best friends who helped us with the boys a few times during their first year.  Along with Jamie’s folks, they came to our house one weekend and went to Jamie’s folks’ house one weekend and watched all our children so we could get a weekend away.  The kids love them.

Ended up in the pool again Saturday night.  This time the boys stayed in the room with Nana, Papa, Jim and Ethel.

Sunday we took the Metro train to Union Station and the Arch.  We got to watch the fudgemakers at the Fudgery.  The girls were having fun with that!   Jamie took the girls up to the top of the arch.  Again, they had a ball. 

We were all exhausted and headed home.  I honestly could have spent several more days there – we were having THAT much fun and the kids were behaving THAT well.  Unfortunately, we have a shortage of a little thing called money.  But it really was a super fun vacation.  There are so many more things we’d love to do in St. Louis…so maybe next year we’ll head back down.

Take a Closer Look

June 30, 2008

Yes, this is the staircase of death.  My mom warned me that the boys like to throw toys down her open staircase.  When I saw Gavin headed to the stairs with a bouncy ball, I thought I knew what was going on.

However, take a closer look.

I would just like to apologize now to my neighbors and the many people who walk past our house on a nightly basis.  In the future I will try to keep my windows closed.  Because when I saw the following, I’m sure people within a 10 block radius could hear me screaming.

The boys threw a can of paint down the steps and it exploded on it’s way down.  I put the boys to bed and tried to clean up this mess.  We were leaving for St. Louis in two short hours.  I wasn’t completely packed yet.  By the time I finished cleaning…I was covered head to toe in white paint.  I threw away most of the toys.  The pictures just do not even come close to showing the amount of paint on our walls, steps and floor.

Definitely time for vacation.

Lucy’s First Tee-Ball Game

June 30, 2008

Go Cardinals!

And Vaughn escaping onto the field.

So in case you’re wondering, because I was, kids this age don’t keep score.  One team is up to bat.  All their players get a turn hitting.  The opposite team fields the ball and always throws to first.  No one gets out.   When everyone on the first team has batted, all the players on base round the bases and run home.  Then the second team is up to bat. 

Lucy did get to play first base one “inning”.  She was very excited when “the ball hit my glove!”

Dancing in the Car

June 25, 2008

Sorry if you get sick while watching this.  I was driving while looking at the camera’s viewfinder through my rear view mirror.  It’s a bit shaky.

A Fun Night with Kim

June 25, 2008

Monday Kim watched the boys.  I took the girls to the aquatic center.  Pics from Kim:

Gavin and Jeebs watering plants