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It’s done!

May 31, 2008

It’s 11 pm and Jamie and Terry finished installing the laminate floors less than an hour ago.  We all cheered as the last piece went in as it has been a long, hard 2 days for them.  (And for all of us.)  The celebration will be short-lived as he rented a drywall jack and will begin installing the drywall tomorrow.  I’m starting to feel a little sorry for him.  I can’t wait until we have our daddy and husband back!


Fun Stuff

May 31, 2008

Summer is here! There are a ton of events coming up in June.   If you know of any events that I don’t have listed, let me know about them.

Typing Test

May 31, 2008

So I stole this from Angie’s Blog.  It’s a typing test.  Somehow when I paste the link that has a cool picture, the picture disappears after I hit save and leaves me with only this:

167 words



Click on Speedtest to see how many words a minute you type!


May 31, 2008

I love this picture of Grace.  I love her dirty face because she is ALWAYS dirty.  I love her messy hair because it’s always messy.  We can put it up 10 times a day…but it always looks like this.  I love her smile because this is her smile.  I love the expression on her face because she is genuinely happy in this moment.  This IS Grace.


May 31, 2008

Jamie spent today laying flooring in the family room.  He’s hoping to finish it up tomorrow.  His dad and brother in law came up today and thankfully are coming up tomorrow!  Kenna and Jenna are coming too!  Lucy and Grace are very excited.  After tomorrow, all we’ll have is trim and light fixtures and the room will be done.  I’m waiting until the curtains are up to post pictures because the picture I took really does make the room look like a swamp.  Something with the flash washes out the green and makes it look yellow – green.  You know, like baby poop.

May 31, 2008

Yes, another fun vacation day.  I took half a day off on Wednesday to MOW my grass! 

So as I was driving in front of my house, I saw my neighbor across the street pushing his mower back to his house from mine.  He mowed the front lawn for us.  Our grass was so long, I was embarrassed.  He said he couldn’t mow the side because it was just too long.  So that’s how I spent my 1/2 vacation day.

It took me about an hour to mow…which gave me plenty of time to think about all the people in our lives who do stuff for us on a daily basis.

On this particular day:
Jamie took the kids to Debbie‘s while we were at work.
Ron mowed my front lawn.
Jon Jon helped Jamie pick up the kids from Debbie’s and helped get them down for naps.  Except Vaughn because:
Phoebe from AEA came by to work with Vaughn
Tom worked on trim in our family room.  (The girls love Tom.  He’s always so nice to them.  When Lucy asked if I would take them all to the park and I told her I couldn’t because I was by myself and couldn’t do it alone, Lucy said, “Maybe Tom can go with us and help you.”  So sweet.)
My mom came and helped with the kids in the afternoon, then took two kids home with her (along with my laundry)
Donna came at 5 to watch the boys while I took Lucy to cheerleading.
Heather coached Lucy in cheerleading and gymnastics.

That’s 8 people – other than Jamie and me – that touched our children’s lives that one day.  Pretty amazing!

I Know a Celebrity!

May 29, 2008

Many of you know my boss, Rob Solt.  His step-mom is one of the Finalists in the Pillsbury Bake Off Contest.  She’s been in other competitions on the Food Network.  Here’s the recipe for the recipe that got her to the finals.  I haven’t tried it but it looks great!

Congratulations Norita Solt!