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March 28, 2008

I’ve been sitting at home for nearly two hours and it just hit me.  It’s Friday and the construction workers are here!!  They normally don’t work on Friday.  Today they are cutting a hole in our basement where the stairs from the family room will come down in to.  The entire house smells like something…I don’t recognize the smell.  I am noticing a haze all around me.  The windows are open and it’s 59 degrees in here.  The boys are taking a nap in their toasty room.  Newest estimate is that it will be done in three weeks.  We’ll see!  Getting so excited!

Thursday night Jamie got about a third of the wiring done in the family room.   🙂 


What a Day

March 27, 2008

I had a really rough day at work today.  A mistake I made took me and two other people several hours to fix.  A mistake that could have been prevented had I taken a half hour at work on Tuesday to double check.  By the time I left work I felt like crying (but miraculously didn’t) and was mentally exhausted.

I came home to a sleeping daughter and 3 rowdy boys.  I try to keep them up until 3 on Thursdays because that is the one day I week I have to pick Lucy (and Taylor) up from school.  When the boys started beating each other up and crying, I decided to lay them down.  Jamie picked up Lucy & Taylor from school and dropped them off to play.  As he pulled up, I heard Vaughn chatting and opened the door to tell him to lay down.  And there they were.  All three boys jumping in their bed.  Pantless.  Diaperless.  Poopy.  (Two of them were poopy.) 

Do you know the feeling of exhaustion and the feeling that you physically can’t do one more thing?  That is where I was.  That is where I am.  And as I sit here and type, I’m being summoned to the bathroom where Lucy has “diarrhea poopy”. 

I have had many great days with my kids lately.  I have had more energy as I continue to eat better, exercise and lose weight.  Unfortunately, this is not one of those days.


March 26, 2008

Phoebe from AEA came today.  She is going to start working one on one with the boys and will be coming 3 times in April!!  She thinks Vaughn is doing pretty good but that she didn’t notice Lincoln and Gavin talking as much.  Looking forward to her visits and one on one time with the boys.

Girl Bones

March 26, 2008

I love how Lucy calls pink hand weights “Girl Bones”.  Gracie calls them that now too.

No Kids

March 26, 2008

Kimmee asked to watch the three boys tonight.  Lucy and Grace are at Awanas.  I had two whole hours to myself tonight.  Although…dang, it’s time to go pick them up. 

House Update

March 26, 2008

Windows are in.  They were working on shingles today.

Easter At Grandma and Grandpa James’

March 26, 2008

The girls got Easter Hats.

Gavin loved them.

Too cold to hunt for eggs outside.  The kids had fun searching inside though.

The biggest hit was the balloon animals.

Lucy in a flower hat.

Gracie the ham.



Grandma fed Vaughn a snack.