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What’s New Pussy Cat

January 28, 2008

I was just going to type “What’s New” in the Title line, but as I was typing…I had to type the rest of the song because the girls love to sing this song.  I don’t even read my own blog because I’ve been so busy lately.  Nana and Papa came up and watched the kids Friday.  Saturday we went to two malls.  Coral Ridge and Sycamore.  First Coral Ridge for lunch and to go to Old Navy.  While Jamie was in line for food, Gracie had to go to the bathroom really bad.  Telling her she had to wait for Daddy to get back wasn’t working.  Two gals at the table next to me offered to take her.  Didn’t like that idea.  Then they offered to watch the other four while I took her.  Although I didn’t like that idea either, it sounded better than cleaning up pee from the floor and having to buy new clothes.  So, I told Lucy she was in charge of the boys, accepted the gals offer, found Jamie in the Japanese Food line to tell him what was going on and headed to the bathroom.  I can assure you that with one child…never in a million years would I leave them with strangers in a mall.  Funny how things change when you are desperate.  Now to clarify…Jamie could see the kids from his line and if anyone tried to take off with the kids…he’d surely run at lightning speed and tackle them.  But, when I came back, everyone was safe and sound.

The boys are getting cuter by the day.  They are saying more and more words and they love to dance.  As we were walking by Abercrombie, Lincoln and Gavin started grooving to the music coming from the store.  I stopped so that I could be entertained…and I guess I wasn’t the only one.  I noticed several people smiling and pointing.

Gracie stayed home sick today.  She woke up last night at 3 am with a 104* temperature.  She’s been running a temp all day.  If you ask her how she feels it’s either, “I feel much more better.” or “I don’t feel very good.”  But it sounds cute when she says it because of her Gracie slurs.

Every day Lucy wakes up and asks if she can wear a skirt.  Then she dolls herself up.  Make-up, glitter, perfume.  She is such a girlie girl.

The boys kiss on command.  Lincoln gave me about 20 kisses tonight.  He puckers his lips so big it’s cute.  Vaughn makes a kissing sound when he kisses me.  Gavin…well his is more of a forced kiss.  Lincoln is still a cuddle bug.  But Gavin will sit in your lap and watch tv for as long as  you’ll let him.  Vaughn is the instigator – always stealing things from his brothers.  Gavin screaches this unbearable sound when someone takes something from him.  Tonight…the other boys started immitating him.  Jamie and I were about to loose it.  I think tonight is the loudest our house has ever been.  We were about two feet apart and couldn’t hear a word the other person was saying several different times.

Steve and Donna stopped by yesterday to see the boys and play.  It was fun.  All the kids love it when they come by…we do too.  🙂



January 28, 2008

Pink.  Their room is pink.  Well, at this point half their room is pink.  The other half is still khaki. 

Mom came up today and got a majority of the two dark pink walls and most of the trim done.  I put a second coat on the walls and trim.  Mom’s coming up tomorrow and will probably have the room finished by the time I get off work.  Seriously, I hate starting these projects.  If it wasn’t for her it would probably never be done.  We’ve got a lot of work left to do after the paint is done…carpet, take out a window, put in a shelf, assemble the bed, build and attach a dollhouse to the bed.  The girls are going to love it.  🙂  Now – it just has to turn out the way I see it in my head.  Hmmm….

Not Gonna Happen

January 25, 2008

I thought I’d sneak in here to get some ideas for the girls’ room and to blog.  Right now I’m listening to the kids fight and cry in the other room.  Kinda makes it hard to focus.  Grace is screaming oooouuuuchi so I guess I’m done.

Oh – real quick – the trusses were delivered today.  (I have no idea what trusses are.)  If they start next week – it should be done fairly quickly!!  Yippppeeeee!

Lucy’s Song

January 23, 2008

Lucy came home to a painted ceiling in her bedroom.  I told her Grandma painted it.  She asked if she did it by herself.  When I told her yes, she sang the following song.  I’ve shortened it because it was very repetative and very long: 

Grandma paints the ceiling

Grandma paints the wall

She takes care of everything she does

She takes care of everybody

She takes care of everything she does

And she does all the laundry

She takes care of everything

She takes care of everything

Grandma does it all

Grandma does it all

She takes care of everything she does

She takes care of all the boys

She takes care of Gracie

She takes care of everything

That’s ok

She takes care of everything

That’s ok.

Well…she did all of our laundry, dishes, cleaned our house, painted the ceiling in the girls’ bedroom and took Gracie home to spend the night…so Lucy pretty much got it right!  Yes, she’s still singing.  Oh wait…she just threw in “God takes care of everything He does.  And Mary takes care of everything.”  Sounds like this song could have several rounds to it. 

A Lazy Weekend

January 21, 2008

With sub-zero temps…we stayed inside most of the weekend and had to get creative.

Who’s having more fun…daddy or the girls.  As soon as the boys got out of bed…it was immediately destroyed.

Now that Lucy can spell her own name…she writes it everywhere.

Went to a birthday party for a classmate of Gracie’s.  This is Gracie’s friend Ellie who I think is such a doll.

The Two G’s watching TV.

Gracie enjoying Lucy’s “Superman” flavored ice cream cone.

A proud moment:  Gavin chooses a banana over chicken nuggets and fries.

We made monster cookies and the boys sat in their favorite chairs to eat them.  They love sitting in these chairs to eat.

Lucy and Gracie at the birthday party.

There was A LOT of dancing going on at our house this weekend.

Oh, You Beautiful Doll

January 21, 2008







Goodbye, to a Woman Who Inspires Me

January 21, 2008


Sometimes when you love someone so much, you hate to see someone else take their place.  This is a picture of Carol.  She was my Grandparents widowed neighbor.   I think it was around 5th grade when my grandma died and shortly thereafter I found out that Carol was going to marry my grandpa.  I remember the hurt feelings that my family and I had when we found out.  I didn’t like her for many years.  I adored my Grandma and have many, many amazing memories with her.  I’m not sure at what point I started liking Carol.  Eventually I realized that my Grandma was gone and that Carol and Grandpa made each other happy.  I guess I’m a person with strong loyalty to people, and it’s hard for me to accept new “replacements”.  But, I learned a valuable lesson with Carol.  I knew Christ wanted me to love her.  Even though my Grandpa died years ago, and I have not kept in touch with Carol much – just a Christmas letter or Thinking of You card here and there – whenever I have to deal with similar situations…I think of her. 

I was sad when I got the email from my mom today letting me know she died.  Sad mainly because I’ve never taken the time to visit her in the nursing home in Burlington and introduce her to my children.  Only Lucy has met her when Carol came to her baby shower.  I’ve taken the kids to just about all the nursing homes in town.  I should have taken the time to go visit Carol.  Once again she is inspiring me to remember that people and relationships are all that matter in this world.   

It also makes me sad thinking about what it must be like to bury two husbands.  If God does not give you more than you can handle, it proves that she was a strong woman.

February 22, 1923 – January 19, 2008
Carol will be buried next to her first husband on Thursday.