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I’m Back

December 27, 2007

I have computer access again!!

Quick update and I’ll be on later for more:

Jamie has pneumonia and has been advised to stay in bed for a couple of days.  Gavin was diagnosed with brochitis this morning.  Lincoln seems to be doing better after being diagnosed with Croup and Pneumonia.  Vaughn seems to have a mild cough.  He had Croup also for a couple days (he hasn’t seen a doctor…this is my Dr. Mom diagnosis).  Gracie woke up with a Croupy cough on Christmas Day and cried every time she heard herself cough.  We gave her cough medicine which seemed to help.  She still has a mild cough.  Lucy and I have walked away unscathed (so far). 

Today is my birthday 🙂  Happy birthday to me.  Plans are to stay home and take care of sick people, clean the house (we got home last night after being gone 4 of the last 5 days), and visit with my Dad who is here from North Carolina.  It’s been a great day so far.  I’ve gotten lots of emails, cards and a couple people even sang to me.  Definitely one of my better birthdays. 

 Oh, by the way…I’m 36 now.  WOW! 


December 20, 2007

This starts day 6 for Lincoln and his croup.  Jamie gave him a Nebulizer treatment last night.  I was awoken at 4:15 this morning at the sounds of his “seal-bark” cough.  When I went to take him out of his bed to lay with us (for the 5th time in the past 6 days), I was reaching for the wrong boy.  Gavin now has croup, too.  I grabbed Gavin, took his temp (101.5), brought him to our bed and gave him some tylenol.  He was breathing a little rough but not too bad.  So I took him back to his bed.  As I was laying him back in bed, I noticed the “seal-bark” coming from his brother’s bed.  Only it was his brother Vaughn.  No temp.  But I’m sure it’s coming. 

I’m not sure what all these means for Christmas at my mom’s this weekend.  With my newborn nephew Sebastian, and two little nieces there…I dont’ want to get anyone else sick.

Jamie and I have gotten very little sleep since Friday night because of Lincoln.  I am actually glad this is hitting us at a time when we have a few days off from work (we both work today and tomorrow…but we have time off next week).  Maybe we can take turns napping during the day.  Right now my body feels like it can’t take any more. 

Oh, and last night Lucy and Gracie’s Awana teacher said they were exposed to pink eye.  I better google how long it takes to start showing symptoms.

I did finish up my Christmas shopping last night and if I can print address labels at work today, I can send out my Christmas letters.  YAY!

Kisses and Ice Cream

December 18, 2007

I do very strange things sometimes.  I have a list a mile long of things I need to get done.  Our house is so bad that I am just not sure where to begin.  I came home after Lucy’s program with a bundle of energy to burn.  I decide to start in the basement.  THE BASEMENT.  Of all places to start…the basement is low on the priority list.  I ended up starting down there because I really wanted to pull our winter coats out.  Nope, haven’t done that yet.  So I went down and started going through totes of clothes.  I found 3 totes of clothes that the boys and girls can be wearing.  So I pulled them out, went through them, packed away all the “too big” clothes and “summer” clothes and restacked them.  Then I just kept reorganizing.  I was so frustrated that I didn’t know those totes were down there that I just wanted to get organized.  Plus I feel like the house is so unorganized that I just wanted to start somewhere that I could feel a sense of accomplishment.  I got all the clothes totes organized and I felt GOOD about it. 

Lucy has been busy wrapping Christmas presents for me.  She wrapped her teachers gifts and Parker’s birthday present.  And I love it.  They look like a 4 year old wrapped them.  To me, that makes them even that much more special.  She even blew up balloons and attached them to the gifts.  Then she attached a “picture”.  There were a few scribbly circles and dots on the page.  I asked her why she didn’t draw a picture and she said “I did.  I made kisses and ice cream.”  After telling her how much I LOVED the first picture, she gave it to me and them made more for her teachers.

Bicford Cottage

December 18, 2007

Lucy’s class played the bells for the folks at Bicford Cottage.  They did a wonderful job and the residents loved it.  Afterwards I asked Lucy to go and give some of the people hugs and tell them Merry Christmas.  I was VERY surprised that she did!  She went up to about 6 or 8 people on her own and hugged and talked to them.


The kids loved getting to see the visiting reindog.

Groundbreaking News!

December 18, 2007

They broke ground on our garage/family room today!!


Thursday December 13

December 18, 2007

Gracie’s School Program

She actually participated this time and did a GREAT job!  What a doll.




Wednesday December 12

December 18, 2007

Lucy’s School Program

The kids did such a good job and I was very proud of Lucy.  She sang, did the motions and even played the bells.  She’s somewhat of a class clown, which is different than her very shy self from last year.  She got a little carried away while playing the bells…she’d shake her hips and ring them behind her back and once she even fell.  Not sure how that happened.