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Fun at the Y

April 21, 2007

Lucy started Soccer Lessons on Monday and had practice again on Wednesday.  She LOVES soccer.  She didn’t hesitate for a minute.  (So far we’ve tried ballet and gymnastics and she’s had no interest.)

Lucy and Grace started swim lessons today.  Grace went with Daddy at 8:30.  She loved it.  Lucy is there with daddy now.  Both girls love to swim.


Can’t Catch a Break

April 21, 2007

Gavin threw up before Day Care yesterday.  Lincoln threw up at day care.  Lucy had diarrhea and pooped her pants.  Jamie picked them up and stayed with them until 11:30 when I got off of work.

Lincoln threw up twice today. 

Nana and Papa & their best friends Jim and Ethel are taking the boys home with them so we can get ready for tomorrow.