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Calgon – take me away.

April 15, 2007

It shouldn’t surprise me by now how exhausting my weekends are…but somehow it still does.  Friday Kim came over around 4:30 to watch the kids while Jamie and I headed to East Moline to set up our stuff at a Multiples Rummage Sale.  Nana and Papa showed up around 5:30 to help Kim.   Jamie and I set up and then members of the club got to shop for an hour.  We had so many clothes.  Mom priced all the boys clothes by herself and then came and helped me price the girls clothes (earlier in the week).  Everyone selling had to stay and straighten after the club members shopped.  So we didn’t get home until 11.  Had to be back at 7:30 the next morning.  Got home around 5.  I probably sold about a third of what I took.  Unfortunately there were more sellers than there have been in the past (at least 21) and less space…so the clothes were piled at least 10 layers high and it was impossible to dig through all that was there.  I did end up coming home with 51 outfits plus some shirts and pajamas (sounds like A LOT – but when you consider that I was shopping up to 2 years ahead for 5 kids – spring, summer, and fall – it was A LOT – but really barely puts a dent in it!!)    Nana and Papa did all the laundry and dishes.  It was so nice to come home to a clean house because I was exhausted.  The boys didn’t lay down for their afternoon nap until 5, so after we woke them up around 7 they were awake until about 10 pm.  It ended  up being a very long day.

Today we went to the mall.  Jamie and I cherish the 45 minutes to and from the mall that we get to sit in the van, talk and relax.  I met a twin mom, triplet mom and triplet grandma today.  The triplet grandma is from Blue Grass…so very close to us.  I got email addresses from everyone and am excited to make more connections. 

At the mall I noticed that Lincoln and Gavin both had more teeth come in.  I’ve been watching them lately because I could tell they were coming.  Lincoln is up to 7 – 4 on top, 2 on bottom.  Gavin is up to 8.  Vaughn still has three but is very close to have more come through.

Vaughn continues to be our problem child and we can’t tell what’s going on.  He fusses a lot.  While feeding him, as soon as you pull the spoon out of his mouth he’s fussing for more.  I can’t tell when he’s full because he just is constantly sassing me.  When he’s playing he fusses and I think he wants held…but I pick him up and he wants down.  I give a pacifier and he throws it.  It really has been very frustrating for Jamie and I.  I just wish we could figure out what he wants.  Any “baby whisperers” out there? LOL.

Gracie is at the most adorable age.  She’s not embarrassed to do things like sing in front of people or give hugs and kisses to anyone I tell her too.  She doesn’t know the right words for everything and sounds so cute trying to talk.  She kisses me all the time.  I don’t remember getting all these kisses from Lucy.  Gracie just will hold my face and kiss me until I have to pull away to wipe the drool.  I love it!

Lucy is sweet, but struggling.  Anytime Gracie gets attention, she is there trying to keep up.  My heart breaks everytime I see her jealous eyes.  Gracie does such cute things – and Lucy will try to do them too to get the attention.  I don’t know how to handle it.  I want Lucy to be ok with Gracie getting the attention sometimes too…but I think she feels like if Gracie is getting attention and not her…she’s not as good as Gracie or people like Gracie more than her.  How do I reassure Lucy she is so special and it’s ok if Gracie gets attention sometimes when she doesn’t.  Maybe I just keep telling her that??

Donna came over this evening.  She stayed to help with the kids while Steve was at Nexus.  She gave the boys baths and gave them some one on one time…they loved it.  Steve came by after nexus and they just left.  We had a great time just hanging out.  They really are so good to our kids.  The girls just love them.  I took lots of pictures of Steve playing with the girls…but I’m too tired to compress and then post them.  But he played “lumpy pillow” with them, used them like a bow flex (using one girl as a weight bar for  his arms and the other as a leg press)- we called it a baby flex, was a human teeter totter – we called him Stever-totter, and then read to them.  They couldn’t get enough of him.  Mostly I just enjoyed hanging out with both of them though.  I always laugh so hard when they’re around.

I am off too bed.  I did download about 400 pictures yesterday from Nana and Papa’s camera so I’ll be posting pictures soon.

Calgon…take me away.