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On a Positive Note

March 13, 2007

Gavin is still injury free. 🙂  I did it.  I kept him safe.


Close the Windows

March 13, 2007

When you’re home alone with 5 kids…close the windows.  That way neighbors can’t hear you scream and your children can’t push the screens out of them. 

Better yet…hire a babysitter and leave.

I really thought this night would go well.  It sucked.  All three boys were crying ma ma ma ma ma.  They all wanted to be held…and when I did hold them all they all scratched each other and pulled hair – not to be mean…just exploring.  The girls were out of control.  The house is a DISASTER.  There is not one room in my house that is partially clean right now.  Not one…not even close.  there is so much laundry that I don’t know how I’ll get caught up.  That’s after Kim took a couple loads home with her last night.   So…my kids are dirty, my dishes are dirty, my laundry is dirty, my house is dirty. 

There were some cute moments…like Lucy was putting on make up and said, “It’s ME under here mommy.”  And when she put make up on and said, “mommy you’re BEAUTIFUL”.    And when she took the make up off she said, “THERE you are mommy.” 

 I’m tired.  I’m trying so hard not to cry.  I know that tomorrow will be better.

Guys Night Out

March 13, 2007

Jamie is out with the guys.  I’m home with the five.  This ought to be fun.  I’m trying to take extra good care of Gavin since it’s his night to get hurt.