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4 Down – 1 To Go

March 12, 2007

Lucy started us off by biting into her tongue pretty good at the Doodlebops concert.  The next day Lincoln pulled my curling iron off the counter by its cord.  I didn’t think it got him  because I couldn’t see any pink burn marks anywhere…but Sunday he woke up with a big bubbley blister.  And today, Vaughn cut his finger and it wouldn’t stop bleeding.  Not even sure what he cut it on.  It was in the kitchen and I had just swept the floor.  Then Gracie stuck my razor in her mouth and cut her lips.  Very bloody and stung quite a bit.  Gavin has made it through unscathed the past four days. 


Bedtime Pal

March 12, 2007

Most kids like to take a stuffed animal to bed.  Saturday night Grace insisted on taking a plastic hamburger to bed with her.