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March 31, 2007

Life continues to get harder and harder with the boys.  They are all moving around like crazy.  Vaughn has been cutting teeth (he’s up to two now 🙂 ) and is fussy almost the entire time he’s awake…usually only when he eats is he not fussing.  I love to watch the boys play together.  Some day we will  have to videotape the boys stealing each other’s pacifiers.  All three boys will have their own…then Lincoln will steal from Gavin and spit his out.  Then Gavin will steal from Vaughn.  And then one of them will try to stick the pacifier in one brother’s mouth.  They just keep stealing and replacing each others binki’s for minutes at a time.  It’s very funny.  They also love to go after the same toy and will crawl over or hog pile on  each other to get what they want. 

I cleaned the girls bedroom today.  After I cleaned it 2-3 weeks ago, and it was a mess withing minutes, I swore I was never cleaning it again.  I broke down today though.  I couldn’t take it any longer.  Jamie came in and helped by sorting shoes.  How can 2 girls have so many shoes?  And it never seems like the have the right shoes for the outfits they have. 

I’ve decided to start having family meetings on Sundays.  I was even able to talk Jamie into it.  I feel we are living life a minute at a time and it’s driving me crazy.  So at our meeting we’ll talk about the upcoming week:  schedules, menus, family fun day, Lucy and Gracie’s chores, etc, etc.  I’m very excited about this and hope it works.  Not sure how well a family meeting will work with a 4 year old, 2 year old and 3 1 year olds.  But I plan on being prepared with cheerios and crayons. 

I continue to be amazed at how I can clean as much as I do and have the house look as bad as it does.  I was trying to clean the basement tonight (Jamie was cooking supper) with the five kids down their with me.  It was absurd for me to even try.  I ended up yelling and Lucy and Grace – telling them to sit and never touch anything ever again.  Very rational. 

I was able to get a nap in today.  For about an hour I think.  Lucy was on the “puter” (computer), Gracie was watching a movie in my bed, Vaughn was sleeping, Lincoln and Gavin were in their walkers eating cheerios and Jamie was in charge.  I stretched out in the big red chair and dozed off.  It was very nice.  I’ve been feeling fairly miserable lately…apparently I have allergies.  That’s what my doctor told me yesterday.   I get sick every spring and fall and have for at least 10 years now.  I went to get some generic Allegra.  I thought it was weird that I was getting a prescription for medicine used to treat allergies – and the pharmacist asked me if I was allergic to anything.  I stood there for a second and then said “no”.  I guess I didn’t know how to respond.  I must be allergic to something if I have allergies – right?  My throat has been so sore…and Ibuprofen has been helping.  Normally I suffer through a sore throat and feel miserable…but I’m amazed how well it works and wish I’d have discovered it years ago.  My doctor did say people with a high gag reflex – like I have – usually don’t tolerate sore throats well.  I guess it’s his way of saying what a wussy I am.

After I got up from my nap, I went and layed on the girls’ bed.  They were playing in their room and then had fun attacking me.  First pulling my eye lids down while I pretended to sleep.  Apparently I looked like “a monster” because I’d roll my eyes so they could only see the whites.  Then we tickled each other.  Then we played “squishy buns” (which was my favorite because I love their little squishy buns).  We played for quite a while and laughed a lot.  Normally it’s Jamie in their with them playing like that.  I was so happy it was me today.  I had as much fun as they did. 

They we played “shark attack”.  My sister-in-law Anita told me how she used to make “a boat” for her girls while she napped.  She’d lay down and bend her knees and her girls would crawl behind her knees and sit on the couch.  If they got out of the boat, the shark would get them.  This has to be the best game ever invented.  My girls love it.  A few days ago I was sitting watching tv.  I was sitting on my left hip, leaning agains the left arm of the chair with my knees pulled to my right side.  Lucy comes up and says dramatically, “Mommy!!!  Thank you for making me a boat.”  She then crawled up in “the boat” and was content.  Today I made the boat on purpose.  Both girls crawled in the boat and then would sneak out one at a time to go egg on “the shark” (Jamie).  Jamie would chase after them and they would run as fast as they can back to the boat.  I love the game because all I have to do is sit.  Jamie gets a pretty good work-out though.  Finally daddy was wore out.  And Gracie screams “circles”.  So the girls started spinning in circles and then started running in circles around a plastic grocery bag they found and put in the middle of the floor.

We never got the flower beds mulched like we were hoping to because of the rain and tornado warning.  Jamie still grilled out though.  I fed the boys while him and the girls went to get mulch, our wheelbarrow, and food for supper.  Then I went to get propane while he started mulching.  It started pouring and Jamie had to drag in five kids, three walkers and the food.  After we ate supper, we put the boys to bed early because they were driving us crazy.  But they were tired and went right to sleep.  Gavin woke up screaming around 10.  I brought him out to the living room and rocked him…but he would just burst out screaming every minute or so.  Finally he woke up and seemed ok.  Maybe having a nightmare?  Not sure…it really sounded like he was in pain.

Well it’s 12:30 – so I’m heading to bed. 


Look Aunt Jenna!

March 27, 2007

Gavin (I think) riding his bouncy zebra!

(Just ignore the big basket of laundry 🙂 )

The zebra must have wore Gavin out!!

Watching the Rain

March 27, 2007


Cute Little Parts – Eyes Ears Noses and Toeses

March 27, 2007

Cutie Pies


Cutie Pies Toes


11 Month Pictures

March 27, 2007




Monday Monday

March 27, 2007

Kim came over Monday – as usual 🙂 – to help with the kids.  She does so much and yet is constantly volunteering to do more.  She’s so selfless.  Then there is me who is getting completely frustrated at my kids in front of her.  She’s seen me at my worst and still sticks around…maybe that’s WHY she sticks around 🙂  She definitely helps bring some sanity to our house.


March 27, 2007

Thanks to my BFF Jenny for coming up Saturday and bringing her hubby Paul.  Paul and Jamie worked in the basement while Jenny and I played with kids.  We had fun.  Then Jenny watched the boys and gave them all baths while Lucy Grace and I went to church.  Came home and grilled out…we had a great time.  I love how easy it is to be myself around her.